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“When I read your blog, it doesn’t sound like it’s you.” My daughter tells me with her brows knit just a touch.

“Well, I… Wait! You read my blog?”

“Not all the posts, but most.” She rolls her eyes on the word ‘all’ like expecting her to read 138 short posts over the past two years would be just waytoomuch. And then, she returns to texting a friend.

So that’s what I’m left with. My writing doesn’t sound like me. Is that normal? Is that common? Is that…alright?

I hear murmurings now and then of something called “writer’s voice” and how all writers are looking for this and how most writers are ever so relieved when (and if) they ever come to find it.

Is it “writer’s voice” that my daughter is hearing? I didn’t hunt for it. It wasn’t a conscious effort. I didn’t try a few on for size before picking one, but I’m not completely oblivious to what she’s saying. I do know that when I started blogging, a certain approach and definite characteristic always came to the forefront. That still happens.

Writing is a craft after all. Thought should go into putting words on a page. Care should be taken when displaying them for all to read. Hopefully skill slides in there somewhere as well. I like to think that most people, non-writers included, scrawl very differently than they speak.

I’ve decided I’m flattered by my daughter’s observation and what she probably perceives as an oddity. After all, what are writers if not odd? Besides, it makes a notion I have of myself that much more notorious…

I writer better than I talk

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