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It’s bucketing. If you can’t hear it, you should get your ears checked. I love the rain and sufficiently so, reside in a city where it rains…just a smidge. (sarcasm button gets a nudge here)

I find it inspiring in a “Hey – stay home, it’s dry” kind of way. The drizzling’s akin to the crack of a fire or the snap of fatty bacon and it spits, “Yeah – don’t go out, it’s wet.”

It tells me to ditch the dust and draw the drapes. The smatterings of spatterings spur me to instead open a book or clack those creative keys. It suggests I simmer a pot of steamy broth or a hearty stew. It begs, “create.”

But tonight, I head downtown into the wet and wild wonder.

Tomorrow I’ll reign.

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You should love yourself.  You should pat yourself on the back every now and then and God knows, I am all for splurging in a little self-indulgent pampering when feeling so inclined.  But, how much is too much?  As the world evolves and we become more and more self-sufficient in our technologically advancing environment, it’s becoming easier and easier to create your own fame and sometimes, fortune.

But, how easy should it be?  My kids surf YouTube frequently and I am always amazed at what they’re watching. Teen goofballs with helium infused voices are getting an average of 4 million (yes, I did say four million) hits on any given video spot.  I mean, what the…?  Again, amazed.

Now, I suppose one could argue that it’s not all that easy. You could say it takes time to build up a following.  You could claim that it takes effort to create a niche for yourself amongst the over 2 billion a day viewers.  (yes, I did say over two billion people are clicking on youtube a day)  You could grumble that it takes discipline to create ‘worthy’ content for the hungry audience.  But what it really takes is balls. They don’t have to be particularly big or made of steel. You just need a pair.  After all, how hard is it to send something (anonymously, if you want) out into cyberspace? (Apparently I’m not lacking)

One could also argue that if you were anything less than brilliant, no one would take a second look.  But…I think that’s a hard sell.  People will latch on to anyone and anything if the moment is right.  It’s been proven.

Ooh, I’m not saying the attention isn’t deserved.  In fact, in some cases the talent is so astounding, it’s hard to believe they started where the did.  Greyson Chance  is an impressive example.  (Click the link; goosebumps galore) The thing is, with a voice like that, where would he be without YouTube?  I have to trust that someone would’ve had the good sense to push him towards the props he so obviously deserves.  But…we’ll never know.

Does it matter whether you toil to achieve success the old-fashioned way or fast-track your way to the top via self-promotion on the world wide web ?  You tell me.  No wait, I don’t wanna know.  This may be the only chance I have.

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