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Because I know you were sad upon finishing my post yesterday—probably like a great book you didn’t want to end, right?—I’ve decided to write a little more about this laundry detergent.


If you’re anything like me, first of all, I’m sorry. Secondly, you will have laundry room cupboards filled with potions and elixirs, powders and pastes. You will have spent oodles of dough on this brand and that, in the hopes that the next one will fulfill all of its wickedly wondrous promises. You will have hoarded all of the failed jars and bottles, believing that one day…someday…you will put them to good use. And to think some have called me a pessimist! Tsk, tsk.


My point being, this sud-up makes sense. It took me 15 minutes to make, it’s great in hot, warm or cold water and works like a charm in regular and he machines, not to mention it will last anywhere from 6 months up to a year depending how many are in your household.


Pop it directly into your top or front-loading drum and prepare to inhale an angel-infused breeze and the fresh mountain air all in one sniff. It combines the many things we go out and buy individually, bringing them together in a fresh, fragrant, fusion of squeaky bubble goodness. I spent a total of approximately $30 on ingredients and splurged $20 for the jar.


Hey, the jar is not only reusable, forever and ever, but it had a lot to live up to. Remember the tea and red satin heels? I needed a nice jar!


It is also important to note that any storage container can be used and that those Downy Unstopables are solely for scent, thus, are also an optional spend. Feel free to leave them out if you hate angels and mountains. And, needless to say, if you don’t like pretty, stuff a sock in your crafty self’s glue gun and leave it all plain Jane.


So whether you want to save money or brag about your domestic superiority, this is worth a try. Heck, if you have doubts, I hazard to propose they will all be washed away.




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Pull those strings in real tight ‘cuz I am about to take you on an adventure that might just blow your hat off.


Are you ready?


Laundry Soap.


Yes, I made my own, silly me, and I’m going to share the entire process with you, right here, right now.


Well, right after this blurb…


While I am grateful to have a laundry room, mine is not a favorite place in my home and the cause for this is probably not what you’re thinking. I don’t mind doing laundry. At times, I even find it relaxing, but my actual laundry room is kind of demotivating. It’s very small—and even that’s okay—but it is not ergonomically configured. I have to contort to get everything into my front-loader and I sport a permanent bruise on my left hip where it inevitably hits the counter top which never fails to jut intrusively into my narrow path.


The room is awkward…and it’s blue…like, early 80’s blue…including the angry countertops, so yeah, not my favorite spot to hang out. And I guess I believed that somehow making my own fresh-smelling, pretty-looking powder would transform the room into some place I might like to have a cup of tea while perusing Vogue or maybe sway to a little Van Morrison in my red satin heels.


That transformation didn’t take place of course, but the good news is, the detergent was a success! It smells divine and having that gleaming jar perched atop my obnoxious counter, peering down its nose at the evil city below is slightly inspiring.


If you like to listen to music while you cook or work on projects around the house, it may be important to note that for reasons unbeknownst to me, I chose to listen to a Songza generated playlist entitled “Mom-Jean Jams.” Okay, maybe the reasons aren’t a complete mystery. I was making my own laundry soap after all. Thankfully though, I found it less than inspiring, so may I suggest something a little less baggy and high-waisted while you toil over your own magic suds?


Anyway, without further suspense, may I present…Laundry with Love



The Ingredients

The Ingredients


(I found most things at Fred Meyer, including the storage container. I bought the chalkboard labels & scoops at Hobby Lobby and Deals)


~ Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (3lb box)

~ Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (4lb box)

~ 20 Mule Team Borax (4lb box)

~ Oxi Clean (1.3 lb container X2)

~ Fels Naptha (X4 bars)

~ Downy UNSTOPABLES (X2 containers – I used the scent “Lush” which comes in the purple & black bottle and smells heavenly)

~ A food processor, blender or cheese grater

~ A large receptacle for mixing (I used a large Rubbermaid, but you may also use a simple plastic garbage bag)

~ A container to store the finished product

~ A measuring scoop


(This recipe makes approximately 2 gallons of washing powder. As you can see, it filled my one very large storage jar, plus 5 smaller ones)




~ Pour the boxes of Washing Soda, Baking Soda, Borax, Oxi Clean and Downy UNSTOPABLES into your receptacle

Two containers of LUSH Unstopables

Two containers of LUSH Unstopables

~ Cut the Fels Naptha bars into small cubes and process, blend or grate

Use an old cutting board

Use an old cutting board

Fels Naptha blended on grind setting

Fels Naptha blended on grind setting

~ Add the Fels into the powder mixture (I of course, did this the other way around because I don’t read directions. It really didn’t matter other than that the Fels is slightly sticky and would probably have been easier to blend had I added it last rather than first)

The blend

The blend

~ Put the lid on your receptacle or tie up your bag and shake like there’s no tomorrow. If using a bin you can also you use a large mixing spoon.

~ Repeat until all ingredients are evenly distributed

~ Use 2 tbsps for small loads and 3 for larger loads.


As you can see from the pictures, I got my craft on and prettied up the jars. This is optional, but if you choose not to go this route, well, what the heck is wrong with you?!

Scoop Me Up!

Laundry with Love

Laundry with Love

Fancy it up!

Fancy it up!



Gifts for everyone!

Gifts for everyone!

Okay, you are now ready to love your laundry!

**This recipe was recently found on APRONS-N-PEARLS**












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A kitchen chimp, I have never claimed to be.

Yesterday, my oldest son competed a set of very intense exams and I wanted to do something special for him. But what could I do? Like most kids not living in a third world country, he has most everything he could ever want.

And then it came to me…food! Ah, yes, food. He’s a guy. He’s a teen. It’s perfect! The problem is, I can’t cook. Alright, I can cook, but not like a chef, you know? I couldn’t come up with something special enough. Not something that was; I just finished a Physics, Pre-Calc, Programming and English exam, worthy.

And then I realized I didn’t have to cook, I could create instead. He loves the Rocky Road bars from Blenz. He’s slightly addicted to them but doesn’t get them nearly often enough being that his mother is a Starbucks kinda girl.

As I searched the ‘net for a recipes, (yes, I actually had to look for recipes for Rocky Road) I began to see that there are many versions of what I thought would be a simple endeavor, even for me.

My brain started ticking (it does do that sometimes) and I decided to make my own concoction. Yay me!

Those of you who don’t know me are reading on in wonderment, amazed that I have survived this long, with three kids mind you, possessing such feeble culinary abilities, and those of you that do know me, have signed off, bored with reading what is common knowledge.

I’ve only ever owned one apron. It was a long ago Christmas present from a friend who loves herself just enough to be totally awesome and is, by the way, a fantastic cook. It has a caricature type image of her on the front and says; “I mean really! What did she expect? Did she actually think the surgeon would agree to make her look just like Jennifer? Everyone knows you can’t just replicate that kind of breathless beauty!”

I swear I couldn’t make that up if I tried. I now use it for cutting my husband’s hair.

So, I donned my new, still tagged apron and melted half a kilo of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a glass mixing bowl atop a pot of bubbling water, added five scoops, okay maybe half a jar of creamy peanut butter, a few handfuls of extra smashed walnuts and many…many tiny, fluffy marshmallows.

Apron 1

The one point where I believed, not surprisingly, that I had screwed it up was when I chose to sheepishly add some condensed milk. I admit I knew it was risky, but went ahead anyway. If you don’t know already, and you probably do, that shizzle brings melted chocolate to a halt. What is that about? To fix it, and I figured this out all by my lonesome, I poured in some regular milk. It took several minutes of sweat ‘n’ stir but gradually the mixture returned to its flowy, Wonka river-like state.  Whew!

My son was thrilled and I don’t think it was just about the Rocky Road. Sometimes it’s really just the simple things.

RR Bars

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