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Is it too late to start a post? Some would say yes. It’s 11:15am and when I’m still working on it at 3pm and behind on all I should do in a day, I might be agreeing with those people.

But…yesterday, I did paperwork – like, all day – and then again for two hours this morning. Wah. I deserve a break, don’t you think? That is a lot of time spent on something I really don’t like doing. Am I right?

Yes, I’m right. I just wish I could feel right.

You see, paperwork is kind of like housework for me. It’s this illusive, slippery matter that slips through my fingers, no tail in sight. Anytime I hear anyone say, “Oh my goodness, I cleaned all morning. It feels so good to be finished!” I can’t help but ask, “Finished? How are you finished? Where do you get one of these houses you can clean and actually be done at some point?”

Because, I for one, am never finished cleaning.

Except, I don’t mind cleaning. I like the smells and the scents, the sparkle and the shine. It’s relaxing. It’s satisfying. It’s visual.

Paperwork? Not so much. It’s not pretty. It’s not creative. (Well, not in any legal way) There’s very little smell. It doesn’t sparkle or shine. And I have to say, it’s anything but relaxing. I mean, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, money, money, money, crunch, crunch, crunch, sweat, sweat, swear sweat.


Do I need to keep this bill? Can I write that off? Did pay my property tax? What do I do with this? Will this come back to haunt me?

No bliss about, I tell you.

There are some things we have to do and some things we want to do. For me, writing is definitely both of those, so why does it always come one hundred and sixty fourth on the list?

But even at 164, it’ll happen. Although sometimes it means serving up an undercooked post like this one. Just take a Tums before reading and it won’t be so upsetting.

Oops, too late.

when writing isn't a money maker

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Seriously. Because we don’t have the little two by four inch flimsy scrap of paper we’re banned from getting the best deal? The carrot is dangling (that’ll be the last talk of carrots for a while, I promise) right in front of our noses and they’re not going to feed it to us?

Truth; I strongly dislike coupons. Okay, hard truth; I hate them. So, if you’re a voucher lover, you better look away because you’re bound to get nettled at some point during this post.

They drive me nuts. We, as customers, are supposed to search for them, cut them out, hoard them in our already bursting wallets and then make sure we remember to use them at the register. Am I missing something? Nope. We work for them.

It’s incomprehensible why, when we’re standing there in the flesh and want to drop a wad of dough, we need to have sought out these little dockets in order to get a discount.  Can’t we be rewarded just for showing up? For bringing in our business?

And, back to bursting wallets…are they bursting with the large amounts of cash we’ve saved using our coupons? Nope. They’re bursting with forgotten coupons and plastic cards, clever coupons in disguise.


It’s ludicrous that we need to fill out forms, divulging our personal information (otherwise known as selling our souls) so that we can get the cheapest deal. Am I wrong? Don’t think so.

Understood. It’s advertising…a ploy to bring in more business, we get it, but we’re already there…and we’re not feeling good about it.

We’re putting down for a three hundred dollar meal and can’t have the free ten dollar appy because we didn’t scour the local paper wielding a pair of scissors before leaving the house.

Professional Coupon Cutter

We can’t get the ‘club prices’ at the grocery store we’ve been shopping at for years because we’re driving our spouse’s car and their key chain doesn’t sport the magic price fob. Urgh.

Coupons suck and frankly, ironically…they’re a rip-off.

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