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Post number 134 will be my last of 2013. This blog has blessed me with the motivation to write regularly. It has been a forgiving outlet and encouraged me to rise after each fall. It has connected me with like-minded disillusionaries dreamers and brought me out of my writer’s shell. Okay, I’m still kind of working on that part. Maybe if I ever end up being the only living member of my family left on this planet, I’ll get truly gutsy, but let’s hope I never come to find out.

I’ve come along way since March of 2011 and I, in large part, credit blogging. I’ve written so much more than I ever would have. I began building a Writer’s Platform which I never would have known about if it weren’t for blogging and I’ve been spurred on to enter several writing contests. I’m even anticipating the publication of my very first contest-placing interview, due to hit the newsstands January 7th. Yes, me! Who would’ve thought?

I gave up the resolution thing years ago. Vowing to cut out sugar, keep my room tidy and stop biting my nails started to seem like trivial declarations and evidently incredibly impossible ones to uphold.

So, although I will not be making a list and taping it to the back of my headboard this year, I do have certain aspirations in mind. I won’t bore you with the numerous subcategories, but will simply say, writing. Apparently, you don’t need resolution to hang on to resolve.

Please have a happy, safe and resolute New Year!

Please have a happy, safe and resolute New Year!

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