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Oh dear…just beginning and I’ve already told a fib. Since this is my first post, I should explain that my teensy tale actually resides in the About Me blurb. I claimed I had “snatched back a big piece of what’s been missing; writing.” I suppose what I should have said was that my arms are continually outstretched and the letters of the alphabet airily brush my fingertips…somehow evading my every grasp.

How can something we want so deeply…think about so incessantly, obsess over so passionately, be so difficult to sit down and do?

Fear. One word cocooned in a tiny nutshell. Tiny, but tough to crack. And headway seems to fire up shards of work, kids, pets, chores, dwindling time and menacing procrastination that splinter off and stab at what ever control we thought we had mustered. Need I go on? Cuz I can.

But for now, I’ll pin fear. That bone-chilling, face-freezing terror that it won’t be gob-smacking good, it’ll receive less than rave reviews, it’ll let readers down or worse…there will be nothing to judge. A blank page can be inspirational, but there are times it can make your heart clatter. It can gallop like you opened the closet door and found Chucky staring down at you from the top shelf.

Chucky, The Buzz Kill.

Luckily, we’re far from alone and Chucky can be shipped to the Sally Ann. There are oodles and oodles of writers (and yes, if you write, you’re allowed to call yourself a writer) out there with the very same stifling fright..and splintering shards.

The internet is proof; 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing If you need encouragement, inspiration or confirmation that you’re not the only one failing to launch, the internet is a plethora of resounding validation.

Now, I propose we grab our laptops, whack good ol’ Chucky over the head, and start pounding those nuts.

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